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At Cole's Taekwondo Academy we take pride in our devotion to providing the absolute best Taekwondo experience possible, bringing the Geauga community together and teaching highly developed international Taekwondo. Our Faculty is constantly seeking out and exchanging ideas with World Taekwondo leaders across the globe: Olympic coaches and athletes, formally educated medical professionals, and the very creators of Taekwondo itself.

Taekwondo training classes for children 3 and up, teens, and adults

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4.45 - 8.15 PM 6.00 - 8.15 PM 4.45 - 8.15 PM 4.45 - 8.15 PM 4.45 - 8.15 PM

Currently we offer the following classes:

Events and Parties

  • Family/Adult classes
  • Kids classes (3 and up)
  • Competition team classes
  • Weapons class
  • Cardio-Kickboxing Classes
Whether it's a Taekwondo exchange student from Korea training with us for a month or so, or a Halloween party, or a Poomsae seminar, or a buddy games day it's always fun, educational, interesting and exciting!

Make sure to ask us about upcoming events and parties!

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Taekwondo is the most commonly practiced martial art in the world. In the United States of America there exist many fractured and unofficial variants. The true and original Taekwondo as created by the Kukkiwon World Taekwondo Headquarters in Seoul, S. Korea is by far the most dominant variant Internationally, it is the Taekwondo seen in the Summer Olympic Games, In the country of origin S. Korea, and most predominant worldwide and in The USA. 205 Nations and over 80 million practitioners worldwide.

Stand guard at the mind

The physical techniques of Taekwondo, while being powerful and dynamic, are not the number one focus of the mindful practitioner. Engaging in the challenging and rewarding physical pursuit of ability sets the ideal stage for development of mental acuity. With the proper training and guidance as a practitioner works to gain full control over his or her body they will also gain control over their own mental well-being.

Carrying on a developing tradition

Our instructors are the latest generation in a long line of skilled Taekwondo practitioners which traces all the way back to the creation of Taekwondo and even before. We have always maintained strong ties with our seniors and with the homeland of Taekwondo, South Korea. Innumerable hours of training and contemplative observation over thousands of years have evolved into the finest discipline available.

Taekwondo for Health

Misguided and unscientific physical training can lead to physical deterioration. Highly developed and refined Taekwondo drills will lead to long term physical health. We are proud to have among our own students Certified Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and numerous other medical professionals who see the value in modern methodologies.